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Why RB International?

25 years of acquaintance with local distribution and half a decade of export expertise in oncology medicines, specialized life-saving products, best suited to your needs.
We at RB International are here to take responsibility for catering to your convenience and complete satisfaction.

working category

What are the category's we work in?


Unlicensed Medicines

The Medicines which are NOT Registered but Imported under a Special Import Permit Worldwide. Can be ordered in small or Big quantities. 


Hospital / Tender Supply

We Provide market-ready products to our clients and also Cater to worldwide Hospital and MOH supply needs. 


Private Labeling

If you require any product under your brand name we can arrange that for you. 


In & Out Licensing

Our company works in both the form of In and Out licensing. 


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

We supply all kinds of API with all the documents required. 


Temperature Control Supply

Our Company is specialized in shipping the Temperature Control medicines.

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Rest assured with your very own online pharmacy store!
▪Fastest growing
▪Independent and reliable provider of oncology medicines and other life-saving drugs and healthcare products.

 Launched in 2015, we bring together collaborators to contribute to today’s precise pharmaceutical requirements of
▪Cancer patients.
▪Hospitals, medical institutions, and health systems.

Our Upcoming Presence


To schedule a meeting with us in the following Events you can Click on  CONTACT US.

Arbh Health 2024

We will be visiting Arbh Health 2024 from 29th Jan to 1 Feb 2024.

CPHI Worlwide 2024

We will be visiting CPHI Worldwide 2024 from 8th Oct to 10th Oct 2024 .

CPHI India 2024

We will be visiting CPHI India 2024 from 26th Nov to 28th Nov 2024 .

CPHI Middle East 2024

We will be visiting CPHI Middle East 2024 from 10th Dec to 12th Dec 2024 .