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We understand the significance of your routine medical requirements/doses.
With us, you are only a few clicks away in receiving your life saving medicines, at your doorstep.

Why Choose RB International?

25 years of acquaintance with local distribution and half a decade of export expertise in Export Medicines,

Specialised life saving products, best suited to your needs.
We at R.B. International are here to take responsibility of catering to your convenience and complete satisfaction.

High quality products
Generic medicines
On time delivery
Careful monitoring of packages dispatched.
High maintenance of hygiene and sterilisation of work area.
Online 24/7 customer support.
Payment via checks only.
Secure payment processing
Confirmation mails provided
(Why choose this payment method?
*Safer to mail. *NO danger of theft.
*Traceable transaction. *Refunds made easy.
*Sensitive information and data protection)

Extremely affordable prices.
Highly discounted rates of expensive medicines.
Huge discounts in Indian Generic.
All Medicines at one stop solution.


RB INTERNATIONAL : Rest assured with your very own online pharmacy store!
▪Fastest growing
▪Independent and reliable provider of oncology medicines and other life saving drugs and healthcare products.

Launched in 2015, we bring together collaborators to contribute to today’s precise and specific pharmaceutical requirements of
▪Cancer patients.
▪Oncologists and Haematologists
▪Hospitals, medical institutions and health systems.

We aim to branch out as a health care firm, providing the most aid to the current scenario of oncology.
We are dedicated to help the medical fraternity in improving the lives of patients with our quality products and services.

Our sole purpose is to direct the innovation of our firm towards a patient centric approach and offer an affordable, original and most efficient solution to cancer care.

▪ We let our PASSION of supporting the patients, caregivers and providers, drive us.

▪ INTEGRITY towards our customers forms another solid foundation stone of our firm.

▪Our RESPECT for the community, we strive to serve, brings focussed consistency towards our goal.

▪ Our faith in TEAM WORK enhances the excellence that our company proudly represents.