On Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and kop (head)

On Afrikaans hamer (hammer) and kop (head)

H: hamerkop so you can howzit

hamerkop (noun) – South African marsh bird (Scopus umbretta), associated with this new storks, which have a prominent crest into lead.

Hanepoot (noun) – Sweet drink created from the fresh muscat blanc d’Alexandrie grape cultivar, and you will an alternate label for this cultivar.

hang from a beneficial (adjective) – Very or big, as in: “It’s hang away from an emotional” otherwise “I experienced good hang regarding problematic”.

hello (exclamation) – Term used due to the fact a separate question definition “pardon?” otherwise “what?” – “Hello? What did you say?” Or you can use it to punctual endorsement otherwise arrangement, like in “It actually was a film, hey?”

homelands (noun) – The spurious “independent” says in which black Southern area Africans have been forced to bring citizenship underneath the plan out-of apartheid. Also known as bantustans.

howzit (exclamation) – Preferred Southern African greeting one translates more or less once the “How are you currently?”, “How try things?” or “Hello”. Out-of “How could it possibly be?”

I: imbizo to isiZulu

imbizo (noun) – Gathering called because of the a classic frontrunner, otherwise one fulfilling otherwise workshop. On isiZulu biza (call, summon)

Iscamtho, isiCamtho (noun) – Tsotsitaal (gangster language), a generally-spoken township patois composed of an enthusiastic amalgam out of terms of isiZulu, Adult datings review isiXhosa, Afrikaans and lots of English. On isiZulu camto (speak).

J: ja just to today

jawelnofine (exclamation) – Virtually, “yes (ja into the Afrikaans), really, zero, fine”, all in just one phrase. A term out-of resignation or puzzlement similar to “How about one?”

Joburg (noun) – Johannesburg, Southern area Africa’s prominent town. Immediately following informal, these days it is applied to the metropolis of Johannesburg image.

jol (noun, verb and you will adjective) – Affair, fun, cluster (noun); commemorate, have some fun, class, dance and you will take in (verb). Somebody who do these materials is actually a beneficial joller. On the Afrikaans to own “dance” or “party”; perhaps regarding “jolly”. From time to time spelled “jawl” or “jorl”.

K: kaaskop so you can kwela-kwela

kaaskop, chiskop, chizkop, cheesekop (noun) – Bald person, or person with a shaved head. “Kop” is actually Afrikaans to possess head. “Kaas” ‘s the Afrikaans for parmesan cheese. As to why “cheese-head” form bald body is not yet determined.

kasie (noun) – Shortened sorts of brand new Afrikaans lokasie (location), brand new earlier word to have township – the low-money dormitory suburbs external towns and urban centers to which black colored Southern Africans was confined when you look at the apartheid era.

Khoikhoi [and Quena] (noun) – Native Khoisan anyone residing in southwestern South Africa, Namibia and you will Botswana, such as the Nama, in addition to their dialects. On the Nama to have “individuals anybody” or “genuine people”.

kiepersol (noun) – Cabbage forest. About Afrikaans, to begin with possibly from the obsolete Indian English kittisol (parasol). The fresh tree has many similarity to an enthusiastic umbrella.

kikoi (noun) – Attractively patterned pure cotton material with fringed finishes made use of due to the fact an informal wraparound dress, or towel, or picnic blanket. From the Kiswahili.

knobkierie (noun) – Fighting stay glued to a penis to the providers stop. Throughout the Afrikaans knop (knob) and also the Khoisan kirri otherwise keeri , (stick).

koeksuster (noun) – In addition to spelled koeksister . Antique Malay and you may Afrikaner nice, created from twisted fungus cash, deep fried and you can dipped into the syrup. The proper-wing enclave off Orania about Northern Cape even has its own own sculpture on the koeksister. The expression arises from the new Dutch koek (cake) and you can sissen (so you can sizzle).

kombi (noun) – Minibus cab. From the Volkswagen exclusive title Kombi, in the German Kombiwagen. Volkswagen minibuses were the initial used in the first amount of Southern Africa’s minibus taxi transport revolution of very early mid-eighties, even when now other car makes can be used.

korhaan (noun) – Number of species of enough time-legged African bird (genus Eupodotis) found in open nation. On Dutch korhaan (black colored men grouse), off korren (also coo) and you will haan (cock).

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