Homophobia– Fear of homosexuality otherwise of becoming homosexual

Homophobia– Fear of homosexuality otherwise of becoming homosexual

Heterophobia– Anxiety about the alternative intercourse

Galeophobia otherwise Gatophobia– Concern about pets. Gamophobia– Concern with wedding. Geliophobia– Fear of laughter. Gelotophobia– Anxiety about are chuckled at. Gephyrophobia otherwise Gephydrophobia or Gephysrophobia– Fear of crossing links.. Gerascophobia– Anxiety about growing older. Gerontophobia– Concern with old someone otherwise off growing older. Glossophobia– Fear of presenting and public speaking otherwise when trying to dicuss. Gnosiophobia– Anxiety about degree. Graphophobia– Fear of writing or handwriting. Gymnophobia– Fear of nudity. Gynephobia otherwise Gynophobia– Fear of people.

Hadephobia– Anxiety about hell. Hagiophobia– Concern about saints otherwise holy some thing. Hamartophobia– Concern about sinning. Haphephobia or Haptephobia– Anxiety about getting moved. Harpaxophobia– Anxiety about becoming robbed. Hedonophobia– Fear of feeling satisfaction. Helminthophobia– Anxiety about are infested with viruses. Hemophobia otherwise Hemaphobia otherwise Hematophobia– Fear of blood. Herpetophobia– Fear of reptiles or scary, crawly anything. Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia- Concern with the quantity 666. Hierophobia– Concern with priests otherwise sacred one thing. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia- Fear of a lot of time terms. Hobophobia– Fear of bums or beggars. Homilophobia– Anxiety about sermons. Hominophobia– Concern with people. Hoplophobia– Anxiety about guns. Hydrophobophobia– Concern with rabies. Hyelophobia or Hyalophobia– Concern about mug. Hygrophobia– Concern about drinking water, water, or wetness. Hypengyophobia otherwise Hypegiaphobia– Fear of obligation. Hypnophobia– Concern about sleep otherwise to be hypnotized. Hypsiphobia– Fear of height.

Iatrophobia– Concern with visiting the doctor otherwise away from medical professionals. Ichthyophobia– Concern about fish. Ideophobia– Anxiety about information. Illyngophobia– Concern with vertigo otherwise perception dizzy while looking down. Iophobia– Anxiety about poison. Insectophobia – Concern about bugs. Isolophobia- Concern with solitude, are alone. Isopterophobia– Concern about termites, pests you to definitely eat timber. Ithyphallophobia– Concern with enjoying, considering otherwise with an erect dick.

Genophobia– Concern about intercourse

. Kakorrhaphiophobia– Concern with incapacity otherwise overcome. Katagelophobia– Concern with ridicule. Kathisophobia– Anxiety about sitting down. Katsaridaphobia– Concern with cockroaches. Kleptophobia- Concern about stealing. Kolpophobia- Concern with vagina, eg females. Kopophobia– Anxiety about weakness. Koniophobia– Anxiety about soil. (Amathophobia) Kosmikophobia– Anxiety about cosmic event. Kynophobia- Concern about rabies.

Lachanophobia– Fear of create. Laliophobia or Lalophobia– Concern with speaking. Leprophobia otherwise Lepraphobia– Concern about leprosy.. Ligyrophobia– Concern with loud noise. Lilapsophobia– Concern with tornadoes and you can hurricanes. Limnophobia– Concern about lakes. Linonophobia– Concern with sequence. Liticaphobia– Fear of legal actions. Lockiophobia– Anxiety about childbearing. Logizomechanophobia– Fear of computers. Logophobia– Concern about terminology. Luiphobia– Fear of syphillis. Lygophobia– Concern with dark. Lyssophobia– Fear of rabies otherwise of becoming crazy

Macrophobia– Fear of enough time delays. Mageirocophobia– Anxiety about cooking. Maieusiophobia- Concern about childbirth. Malaxophobia– Anxiety about like gamble. Maniaphobia– Fear of insanity. Mastigophobia– Concern about punishment. Mechanophobia– Fear of servers. Medomalacuphobia– Anxiety about dropping a hardon. Medorthophobia– Fear of an erect penis. Megalophobia– Concern about large one thing. Melissophobia– Concern about bees.. Melophobia– Concern or hatred regarding musical. Meningitophobia– Concern with attention problem. Menophobia– Concern with menstruation. Merinthophobia– Concern with are likely otherwise tied. Metallophobia– Concern about steel. Metathesiophobia– Anxiety about alter. Meteorophobia- Fear of meteors. Methyphobia– Concern about alcoholic drinks. Microbiophobia– Concern with microbes. (Bacillophobia) Microphobia– Concern with little things. Misophobia otherwise Mysophobia– Concern about being polluted that have mud or micro-organisms. Mnemophobia– Anxiety about recollections. Molysmophobia or Molysomophobia– Anxiety about dirt otherwise pollution. Monophobia– Fear of solitude or being by yourself. Monopathophobia– Anxiety about particular problem. Motorphobia- Concern about autos. Musophobia or Muriphobia– Concern about rats. Myctophobia– Anxiety about dark. Myrmecophobia– Concern with ants. Mythophobia– Fear of myths or stories otherwise not true comments. Myxophobia- Concern with slime. Necrophobia– Fear https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/raleigh/ of dying or inactive things. Neopharmaphobia– Anxiety about the medication.. Noctiphobia– Fear of the night time. Nomatophobia– Concern about labels. Nosocomephobia– Concern with medical facilities. Nosophobia otherwise Nosemaphobia– Concern about becoming sick. Nostophobia– Concern with returning house. Nudophobia– Concern with nudity. Numerophobia– Anxiety about number. Nyctohylophobia– Concern about black wooded portion or out-of woods in the evening Nyctophobia– Concern with the fresh new dark or from night.

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