Amelia basic met with the Eleventh Doctor and her very own mature notice from the a fair within the 1994

Amelia basic met with the Eleventh Doctor and her very own mature notice from the a fair within the 1994

Meeting your medical professional [ ]

She did not remember your physician and you may hired only an unclear memories of reddish-haired girl in the odd light skirt, which ordered the girl an ice-cream cone to displace the only and that she had decrease. Shedding and losing new ice cream, and having the fresh new you to, stayed certainly one of this lady saddest and you will happiest recollections respectively. (HOMEVID: Good-night)

Amelia securely fulfilled this new Daged by their regeneration, damaged inside her backyard garden. Once the she ended up being praying so you can Father christmas to send an effective cop to research the latest split, Amelia 1st grabbed the brand new TARDIS’s anachronistic police package appearance within deal with value and requested your medical professional in the event that he had been the new policeman just who she had requested regarding Santa. Your physician got an excellent “raggedy” appearance, as he was still sporting the brand new tattered stays off his tenth incarnation’s fit and you may are getting used to his new body and preferences. The guy checked-out a crack in her own wall surface, which was actually a rip in proportions-day that acted just like the a portal to some other some time and place. An excellent prisoner of your Atraxi, known as Prisoner No, escaped as a consequence of they towards Amelia’s house. not, through to the Doctor you will definitely assist further, the fresh Cloister Bell went regarding, causing your to return towards TARDIS to stop the new engines out of phasing off existence. (TV: The latest Last minute)

The guy accessible to bring the girl having your throughout the TARDIS, however, very first necessary to stabilise the newest motors. He grabbed brand new TARDIS for just what he believe was a short five-minute excursion into the future. Amy grabbed the opportunity to pack a little bag and you may return on garden, waiting around for the latest coming of the “secret doc”. (TV: This new Last minute)

In one or higher timelines, Amelia decrease sleep on her behalf suitcase on the yard you to evening. Her Doc came back regarding far later on within his coming and you may sent her around sleep. As the she continued to sleep, your doctor informed her regarding “secret package” he had taken, that he got extremely just borrowed they, that have always intended to send it back; “large and you can little at the same time, the newest and you can ancient, in addition to bluest bluish previously.” He told you she’d dream of the fresh new adventures which they do have never, and then he informed her to enjoy Rory. (TV: The major Fuck)

Age later, Amelia generated a last request out of him to go back so you can the lady son worry about so it second day, telling the girl are patient, and of many amazing escapades you to definitely she’d later on keeps that have your. (TV: The fresh Angels Bring New york)

Amelia did not comprehend the Doctor again to possess a dozen decades, and you may during this time are clueless that a violent multi-setting named Prisoner No try hiding within her home. (TV: The fresh new Eleventh hour)

Adolescence [ ]

While you are gratis incontri over 50 wishing, Amelia try enthusiastic about their “Raggedy Des throughout the your and motivated the woman nearest and dearest to take area. Amy’s Brother Sharon sent Amelia so you can four psychiatrists who told her the doctor was not actual. She piece every one of them. (TV: New Last-minute) At school, her best friends had been Rory Williams and Melody (“Mels”), which Amelia and you may Rory didn’t learn was actually its child about 52nd millennium. In addition to the Raggedy Doc, her almost every other welfare incorporated this new Roman job off Britain, on which she had several instructions given that she sensed him or her sexy, along with her favorite publication, The fresh new Legend of Pandora’s Package. She failed to discovered a good level on her report on the Romans on account of titling it “Invasion of your own Sensuous Italians”. (TV: The new Last-minute, Let’s Destroy Hitler, The fresh new Pandorica Opens up)

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